Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wrapping up the Pacific Northwest

Entering Astotin County, Washington from Wallowa County, Oregon on OR-3 and WA-129
This post is being written from the Travelodge in Newburg, Yamhill County, Oregon, my last county in the Pacific northwest.  Yamhill is the 22nd and final county of my current 10-day road trip around the states of Washington and Oregon, completing both states.

My brother, Philip, was on the first four days of this trip with me, in Washington's Olympic peninsula.  He flew back to his home in Lexington, Kentucky and I have continuted another six days alone.  This was Philip's second time to join me on my county counting adventure, having toured southwest Colorado with me about three years ago.

This has been my penultimate (next to last) trip of my county quest, bringing my grand total of counties collected to 3,125.  Next month, plans are to fly with my wife, Karen, to Reno, Nevada, where we will rent a car and visit the final 17 counties in California and Nevada.  In a couple of hours I catch a plane in Portland which will take me back to Cincinnati and Karen.

This past ten days have been very inteesing and fun - as all county counting trips are.  It's great to know I am nearing the finish line which gives me mixed feelings.  After one more grand trip next month the quest will be completed.  I'll miss it - but am also looking forward to focusing on new adventures - especially the adventure of developing my mountain homestead in Tennessee.   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Entering Wahkiakum County, Washington
Today I am in western Washington state at the beginning of a 10 day road trip which will wrap up the scattered counities I have not yet visited in Washington and Oregon.  My brother, Philip, is with me on this trip.  We flew to Portland yestereday, rented a car, and will spend the next three days touring Washington's Olympic Peninsula.  Philip then flies back to his home in Lexington, Kentucky, and I will continue for six more  days to visit spots in Washington and Oregon.

The finish line is almost in sight.  With the two new counties I collected yesterday, Wahkiakum and Grays Harbor in Washington, my grand total now stands at 3,105 counties, with only 37 to go.  A couple of those we hope to get today, along with Olympic National Park.

After this trip, I will lack only several scattered counties in California and Nevada.  Plans are to make the final trip 10 day trip with my wife, Karen, and complete my County Quest over Labor Day week-end in Carson City, Nevada.  More details about that later.

I have not kept this blog updated in the past year or so.  Sorry about that.  As the quest now nears completion, I hope to add several new blog entries over the next several weeks.