Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Every Whatever

I've discovered a delightful blog called "Every Whatever" by a young man named Dan, with a little help from friends Carey and Carolyn - people after my own heart. It so happens that Dan and I both live in the greater Cincinnati area, so we're neighbors, although we haven't met yet.

The subtitle of Dan's blog is:

"Visiting all of various places. Like every street in Madeira. Or every county in Ohio. Or every subway stop in New York City. You know, stupid stuff."

Among that "stupid stuff" are entries on riding each of the 62 bus routes in Houston, Texas or visiting every library in Cuyhoga County (Cleveland), Ohio and more. However, I wouldn't call any of those things "stupid." Sitting in front of a television set all day is stupid.

Dan's 24-Hour Ohio County Route

In his November, 2006 entry Dan gives a rather lenghty but amazing account of how he and a couple of buddies performed the remarkable feat of visiting every one of Ohio's 88 counties in less than 24 hours. The story is fascinating, and sometimes hilarious. I wish I could have been there.

Dan is a little weird, in a very positive sort of way. He is also a good writer. If you read my blog, you'll enjoy seeing Dan's. Click it up at http://www.everywhatever.com/ or http://www.everywhatever.blogspot.com/.


Carey said...

Thanks for the mention! I also got the US map working for you on counties.visitedmap.com. You can see your US map here: http://counties.visitedmap.com/us.php?showmap=74

dan said...

Thanks indeed.

To clarify: I don't think these things are stupid either. But I definitely get some odd looks!

To further clarify: There were 2 other guys that went with me on the every county in Ohio 24 hour roadtrip - so I would like to publicly thank Jay Bohland and Jim Tocco, as well as the sandwich-with-cheese-making and car-rental-place-standing-around-withing Jeff Blankenburg for their invaluable assistance with the EFC Ohio Trip

Carolyn said...

And let us not forget Dan's totally awesome wife, Carolyn, who supported all this madness. :-)